Exploring Keswick

Lakes Distillery

Located just five miles away from Keswick, the Lakes Distillery has provided visitors with an incredible journey through the art of whisky, gin and vodka making. Based in a former farmstead made from beautiful local stone and slate, the distillery includes a detailed tour of the facilities, highlighting both the process the distillers use to produce their products, the machinery used to make these liquors, and the carefully considered storing and refining methods used to enhance the finished pieces. At the end of the tour, you’ll be invited to sample a few of the distillery’s latest works, from flavourful gins to silky smooth whiskeys. Once you’re tour is over, you’ll be welcome to purchase any of the fine products you’ve tasted along with plenty more, and also enjoy time in the onsite Bistro with delicious food  and drinks.

Alhambra Cinema

A wonderful piece of local history that has stood the test of time, the Alhambra Cinema is believed to be the sixth oldest continuously running cinema in the UK. First built in 1913 and remaining open through both World Wars, the original single screen Edwardian auditorium was completely refurbished in 2021, adding a second, 29 seater studio screen, digital laser projection and Dolby sound systems. The lobby and reception area beautifully reflects the site’s history, as does the old-fashioned, theatre-style setup of the cinema room. Showcasing a wide range of films from mainstream to arthouse, the cinema remains open everyday and is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to visit an incredible local landmark.


Referred to as “the Queen of the Lakes” because of the way it’s cradled by the surrounding fells, the Derwentwater is a magnificent, iconic feature of the Lake District. Stretching three miles long and a mile wide, the lake serves as a fantastic gateway to some of the area’s best landmarks. It is also home to fascinating history, from its use as a landing spot for the local mining industry, and in the 18th century served as inspiration for Romantic Poets, most famously William Wordsworth. Take a boat tour and discover the lake’s four islands: Derwent Isle, St Herbert’s Island, Lord’s Island and Rampsholme Island. If you’d like to enjoy the Derwentwater in all it’s stunning beauty, enjoy our walk to the famous Friar’s Crag.

Cat Bells

A fantastic walk that leads to the most spectacular view of the Derwentwater and the surrounding fells, Cat Bells is a must-do for anyone visiting the area. Within close proximity to Keswick, the walk allows visitors to explore the incredible views and landscapes, leading to a mountain trek of relaxed terrains and incredible viewpoints. The iconic peak is believed to be a distortion of “Cat Bields”, meaning “the home of the wild cat”. As you reach the summit, you’ll be greeted with gorgeous panoramic views of the Lake District, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Theatre by the lake

One of the most beautifully situated theatres in the country, Theatre By The Lake has provided a creative hub for the communities of Cumbria for years. Cherished by the town and its visitors, the current theatre has resided in Keswick since the 1960s, after the company first toured throughout the country with shows from the 1940s. With a reputation for creating enthralling theatre productions, as well as serving as a year-round arts centre hosting different artforms and festivals. Enjoy a show put on by incredible actors and staff, enjoy a coffee and food in the café, or even take in a workshop to brush up on your own thespian skills.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

One of Britain’s most impressive prehistoric monuments, Castlerigg Stone Circle is a fascinating landmark shrouded in mystery and filled with mesmerising history and geographical importance. One of the earliest stone circles to be found in Britain and vital in terms of megalithic astronomy and geometry, the circle stands on a natural plateau with a 360 degree view over the surrounding fells. It is composed of 38 free standing stones, dating back to the Neolithic period 4000 to 5000 years ago. Where the site’s original purpose is unknown. Upon your visit, you’ll be mesmerised by the stones’ incredible endurance throughout the years, along with the gorgeous local scenery taking your breath away.